About us


Ecoplastics Ltd is a manufactuter of plastic products for various industries. It specializes in the design and production of plastic packaging, providing diverse products of different shapes and sizes with the following specification options:


  • produced from primary of recycled polymers
  • with metal or plastic handles
  • option for IML decoration 

Our vision is to be a preferred regional supplier of plastic parts for various


The company’s strategy is sustainable growth, encouragement of innovations and

continuous improvement. We achieve that by:

  • Our products are customer oriented, we aim to comply with the specifications,
  • meet the requirements, satisfy or exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Being aware of our customers’ need of flexibility and prompt reaction to the
  • market demand, we provide a complete production cycle – from design and tool
  • manufacturing to the end product.
  • We build trust with our customers by transparency and fairness in negotiations
  • and performance.
  • We analyze business risks, to be able to react in advance and achieve continued
  • presence on the market.
  • We are constantly improving the methods and means to improve product quality and production processes.